wine-san-diegoSan Diego county is fast becoming one of the finest grape-growing areas in the Western United States. The county boasts a variety of vineyards, from larger wineries that feature guided tours, tasting rooms, and full gift shops, to smaller family-run vineyards where visitors can relax in a more casual atmosphere while tasting a full-bodied Cabernet, a crisp pinot, or a robust syrah.  It is said that the history of growing grapes in San Diego dates back to the mid 1700’s when friars of Mission San Diego planted vines to produce the wine needed for their sacrament. The county’s warm climate, clay and granite based soils, ocean-driven weather fronts, and large selection of canyons and valleys create a variety of unique growing conditions that lend themselves to the successful growing of grapes. With more than 60 wineries and tasting rooms in San Diego county, you have the opportunity to create a delightful weekend of exploring some of the most beautiful landscape you can encounter.  You can stop, sip, and shop your way through an entire “trail” of tasting rooms and wineries. You can wax poetic about the “bouquet,” “oakiness,” “lushness,” or “pepperiness” of your sampling, or you can sip in silence. Either way, it will be a trip to remember! Go Guide! Wine Country